Boggie’s Call

Boggie is a Mongolian citizen and lived in Mongolia her whole life until 2010.  Boggie heard about Father for the first time when she was six years old.  She became a fully-committed believer when she was thirteen years old.  At that time she was the only believer in her family.  She shared Father’s love with her family and prayed for them and has seen her mother and brother become believers.  She attended the “B” school in Mongolia and during her last year she went on a trip into Northern Asia to work with a small home community there.  During this trip, while praying with people  from the country-side that had come to the community she felt Father’s call that these were the people she was being sent to.  A year after this, this American guy named Jared came into her life.  While dating, Jared too began feeling called to Northern Asia.  They married in June 2010 and are now a team getting ready to begin a new work amongst the Mongolians of Northern Asia.

Boggie is a gifted singer and community song leader.  She is also very gifted in counseling.  Her warm and open spirit are very inviting to those who are hurting.  She is excited about sharing Father’s love in Northern Asia and walking together with new believers as they discover their new lives.  She also wants to start new home communities among these people who are very much unreached.