Watch out for Port Huron!

Last Sunday we were able to visit two wonderful communities in Harbor Beach and Durand, Michigan.  Harbor Beach is up on the “thumb” of Michigan, so to drive there we went through Port Huron.  To go to Port Huron from where we are, you take I-94.  As you approach Port Huron on I-94, the high way forks to the bridge that you can take across to Canada.  Normally this is no problem, but there was a lot of construction and some roads closed, and we mistakenly got into the wrong lane that takes you to Canada.  As we approached the toll for the bridge I knew we were in trouble because there was no where else to go.  I pulled up to the toll both and explained to him that we had come this way by mistake and did not want to go to Canada, but north to Harbor Beach.  The man at the toll says into his radio, “I’ve got another one,” and sends us up to a place past the toll where we can make a U-turn before going across the bridge.  We had to wait in line in our car for about 30 minutes for the other cars that were coming from Canada and going through customs.  We finally pull up to the customs booth and explain again what has happened.  He asks for both Boggie’s and my driver’s license.  He then asks where we were born, to which I reply, “I was born in the USA, but my wife is from Mongolia.”  He asks for her passport and documents, and we tell him that we we were just planning to go to Harbor Beach so we don’t have any of those documents with us.  The guy looks at his computer for a while and then says, I can’t find anything on you, you are going to have to go inside.  So we park and go into the customs office while are car is searched by the officers.  We are brought in and questioned for about an hour about all of Boggie’s information and background.  After all of this questioning, the officer decides that we answered all the questions right and everything is okay.

So be very careful if driving through Port Huron, getting into the wrong lane could add almost two hours to your trip and get you arrested!