Sain baina uu!

Jared and Boggie Dietrich are currently traveling around the United States raising awareness and support for their work reaching out to the Mongolians of Northern Asia.  Northern Asia has a Mongolian population of about 7 million – the majority of them completely unreached by the Good News.  Once in Northern Asia, Jared and Boggie intend on sharing Father’s love with people there through teaching English, personal relationships, and partnering with different Mongolian communities.

If unreached peoples are something that is heavy on your heart, please pray for for Jared and Boggie and consider supporting them with your finance as well.

For obvious reasons we cannot be specific when talking about locations and our work on this website.  If you’d like to know more information, please email me on my secure email –

Fund-raising progress:

Monthly Budget – 97%

Cash Budget – 100%